Plastic Moulding

Plastic Product Design Manufacture

We live in a consumer-driven environment. As online shopping becomes more global and even more products enter the market, businesses are finding that the competition for market share is intensifying. Having a product that is distinctly packaged is vital to your business’s success.

As one of the premium plastic manufacturers in Perth, Plas-Pak offers unrivalled expertise in developing plastic packaging solutions. Many of the companies we work with understand how important quality and style is to the success of their product. Our design team has market-leading expertise and has created custom solutions for a wide range of industries.

We are able to work from your drawings or our team of Industrial Designers and Engineers will work with you to create new ideas using Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Tooling (Plastic Moulding)

Once your product design has been approved by all parties, the tooling (mould making) process can begin.
Our moulds are engineered by an experienced toolmaker, using either steel or aluminium, and precision-machined to form the features of the desired part.

Tooling can be a costly investment, which is why we offer a range of flexible payment methods; these include:
• Outright purchase and ownership
• Gradually pay off the cost over an agreed period
• Part ownership of the mould, with a limited period of exclusivity.

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Need some help with design and tooling (plastic moulding) ideas for your new plastic packaging? We’re here to help you manage your product development project from start to finish.

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