Our products are only available in wholesale quantities. Please refer to the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) found on each individual product page.

Full-Service Plastic Bottle Supplier

We offer a full service to clients in all industries, from the initial concept and detailed design stages, through to the manufacture and delivery of plastic bottles in the quantities required.

  • Concept design – At this stage, we take your product ideas and turn them into commercially viable concept designs. In addition to producing engineering drawings and proof of principle prototypes, this stage includes feasibility studies and an estimate of production costs.
  • Detailed product design  – Once a feasible concept design has been approved, we move onto the detailed product design phase.
  • Detailed costing and production scheduling  – Having finished the product design, accurate costing of all materials and scheduling of production runs can be completed.
  • Manufacture  – We employ an advanced extrusion blow moulding process to manufacture plastic bottles in accordance with all agreed specifications and standards. As a highly experienced plastic bottle manufacturer, we are able to complete large volume production runs to tight deadlines, without any compromises in quality or cost overruns.
  • Delivery  – Production batches are delivered to the client after passing our stringent QC inspections.

We work closely with our clients at every stage, to ensure the finished products meet all of their requirements.

Sustainable Plastic Bottle Suppliers in Australia

Wherever possible, we strive to design, manufacture and supply plastic bottles that are fully recyclable, in order to meet our environmental responsibilities and to help our clients meet theirs. Furthermore, we are working towards a zero-landfill goal at our production facility in Western Australia, to minimise the impact that our commercial activities have on the environment. We have also installed a 100 kW solar PV system to reduce our carbon footprint and it is our intention to further reduce carbon emissions in the coming years.

Off-the-Shelf Plastic Bottle Suppliers

In addition to manufacturing bottles to our client’s specifications, we also offer a range of off-the-shelf products, which we have in stock at our Australian storage facility. These products include plastic bottles ranging in size from 15 ml to 5 litres, all of which can be ordered in wholesale quantities.

Additional Services

We offer assembly services where required, which are delivered in partnership with local non-profit organisations that help to provide work opportunities for people with various disabilities. We can also provide a labelling and outer packaging service to our clients in Australia and New Zealand.

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