Plas-Pak is dedicated to maintaining the highest possible level of quality with all our products and services. Every year since our first HACCP Certification in 2016 we pass our audit with flying colours!

Quality Processes
Our Quality Management System covers the entire manufacturing process from receipt of raw materials, through all steps of manufacturing and right up to the delivery of the product to the customer.
Product conformance checks are conducted at all steps of manufacturing by our trained quality control personnel. This includes, prior to signing off on production runs and hourly during the manufacturing process. Here, samples are taken from each machine a minimum of every hour and all checks are recorded by our trained personnel. Plas-Pak has a motto “A1 all the time”. If a product is not “A1” and meets all the quality inspection criteria, it will not pass inspection.
To create the perfect product, our machinery needs to be in excellent operating condition. For this reason, we continually maintain our machinery and also ensure that we upgrade where possible. We are always aiming to incorporate the latest technologies and exceed industry standards. We also invest in new machinery to cater to the constant expansion of our company.

HACCP Certification
The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification has been used in the food industry to control hazards associated with food processing. HACCP involves the identification of potential hazards, the development and implementation of risk mitigation procedures and the maintenance of supporting documentation.
The application of HACCP was previously limited to food manufacturing. However, HACCP applications to the process of food packaging, including plastic packaging have begun to take hold. Direct food contact packaging is now treated as a food ingredient in most cases. As such, the packaging supplier is now seen as a crucial step in the overall process of ensuring food safety, which begins with manufacturing and ends with consumption.
Plas-Pak (WA) first achieved their HACCP certification in January 2016 through Food Safety Plus. This certification gives our customers in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries the guarantee that their products are manufactured under strict guidelines in a clean environment. This HACCP certification is subject to an annual review of which Plas-Pak has passed every year with flying colours.

HACCP Certificate - Expiry 28th Jan 2024