11 Innovative Methods for Recycling and Reusing Plastic Bottles

The biodegradation of plastic materials can take up to 1,000 years. Although there have been a lot of conscious attempts to eliminate the use of plastics, it is becoming evident that plastic will be around for a long time. However, this does not mean that we should completely stop the efforts to reduce plastic waste.  

Simple acts like reusing, reducing, and recycling plastic effectively lower the amounts of plastic ending up in dumpsters. If you’re out of ideas on how you can contribute to saving the planet, here are a few ways we can put our innovative skills to work by repurposing used plastic bottles.

#1 Assemble your plastic bottle chandelier.

One of the significant advantages of plastics is that you can assemble and mould them to the figure you want. With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can use your gathered bottles to create a decorative plastic chandelier. It is best to use transparent bottles for this project if you want them to light up your space properly. However, you can also use coloured plastic bottles if you wish to achieve a dimming effect. 

#2 Start your mini garden with your new planters. 

If you have a mini garden, you can utilise your 2-litre plastic bottle containers and convert them into planters. After cleaning them, cut them to the desired length, poke holes in the bottoms, fill them with soil, and gently place your seedlings. 

#3 Shower your lawn with a plastic sprinkler.

If you have soda bottles lying around, create holes on one side and insert the hose into the opening. After which, tape it securely to prevent water leakage. To use it to shower your lawn, simply connect the water hose to your water source and run your water. 

#4 Save money with your recycled piggy bank.

If you are genuinely looking to save money, use plastic bottles for a piggy bank instead of buying a new one. Since this is simple to do, your children can easily participate. This is only one of the ways you can put their creativity into good use. Make the piggy banks as colourful as possible, and they will not only serve as a means of saving money, but they can also serve as a means of decoration.

#5 Weave your own plastic basket. 

A basket constructed entirely of plastic bottles is definitely unique and extremely useful. Do this by cutting the plastic bottles into strips and weaving them together as if you were weaving newspaper strips. If you want a uniform appearance, use bottles of the same colour. However, if you used assorted coloured bottles, you can have it painted or leave it as-is. 

#6 Have your kids water the plants with your recycled water container.

You can introduce your young children to doing chores by making it fun for them. Consider encouraging them to construct their convenient water containers. Simply guide them in poking holes in the cap of a plastic bottle and voila! Now your children will enjoy spending time with you while you garden. 

#7 Organise your kitchen with your storage.

You can also use plastic bottles when transferring some of your kitchen items to make them more visible. Cut two plastic bottles into unequal sizes after they have been washed and dried. One will hold your kitchen essentials, and the other will serve as the cover. If the containers have large openings, they can be washed and dried before being used. 

#8 Put your trash in recycled bin bottles.

Plastics from reliable and efficient plastic bottle suppliers are highly durable, so they can be effective in holding even heavy loads of trash. The first step for this project is to gather bottles, preferably with the same kind, galvanised thin wires, steel frame, sharp knife, drill and tweezers. Next, carefully cut the bottom of the bottles so that they can be easily stacked together. After which, drill a hole in the cup and another in the bottle you didn’t cut. Then put the wire into the two bottles to make a two bottle skewer. In doing this, make sure that you have enough skewers to make an entire trash can with the length you desire and insert them into the steel frame with tweezers. 

#9 Keep your supplies in recycled pencil cases. 

You can use bottles of any kind or size to create the pencil case you decide. Once you have chosen a plastic bottle, wash and wait for them to dry. You can cut them in half, reassemble the bottles’ bottoms, and seal the edges. Additionally, you can also attach a zipper by gluing it together.

#10 Hang your flowers with vertical planters

One of the difficulties of urban gardening is the lack of available space. Fortunately, plastic bottles can help you solve this issue. Start by cutting a rectangular shape into one side of the bottle, then prick two holes in each side and insert some string to act as a handle. Fill the bottle halfway with the soil, and then plant your flower properly. Finally, hang them sequentially to your wall, and there you have it, a vibrant garden.

#11 Send your plastic to recycling centres. 

If you have too many plastic bottles stored in your home, you have the option to send them to recycling centres. They will be in charge of inspecting, sorting, and transforming your bottles into something new. Typically, plastic is washed, shredded, and further sorted. The bottles then are extruded into fresh recycled plastic pellets.