Why plastic is used for chemical and industrial products
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Work 16.01.2023

Why plastic is used for chemical and industrial products

Plastic is one of the most valuable products ever created. It has proven to have multiple purposes due to its unique qualities. Throughout this article, we will discuss why plastic is the perfect material for chemical and industrial products. Plastic can be manufactured in many forms and is used in pretty much every sector. It is excellent for packaging, textiles, construction, consumer products, transportation, storage, industrial machinery, and much more. 

Benefits of using plastic 

Plastic has played a massive role in industry due to having properties like no other material. Nothing is so cost-effective, durable, versatile, lightweight, and strong. Below is a breakdown of the qualities that make it the best solution for industrial and chemical products. 

    • Strength-to-weight ratio – Plastic products are lightweight and strong. This means they can easily be transported and lifted with minimal effort. This makes plastic great for packaging and industrial products. 
    • Durability – The chemical structure of plastic makes it very difficult to break. This creates a safe product for storage, especially when chemicals are involved. It also means that products will be long-lasting.
    • Versatility – The versatility of plastic means that it can be moulded into almost any shape to accommodate any product. From machinery components and batteries to customisable plastic bottles for specialised chemical storage.
    • Safety – Besides being shatterproof and reducing the risk of injury for customers, plastic is resistant to many chemicals and factors. This means it can provide a safe storage solution for nearly everything. 
    • Hygienic – Modern technology allows plastic to be produced without human contact or other interfering factors. This allows a fully sterile environment which is beneficial when it is used for packaging food or chemicals. Plastic is also produced under extremely high standards, so it can be certified safe, even for surgical equipment. 
    • Cost-effective – Plastic is produced from byproducts of the oil industry, meaning the price is extremely low. There is no other product on the market that costs so little with all of plastic’s benefits. This means that using plastic products will reduce costs and not be damaging to your business.
    • Sustainability – Contrary to popular belief, plastic is far more sustainable than most people think. Manufacturers are working tirelessly to optimise production, prevent waste, and develop sustainable plastics. As a result, plastic is one of the most widely recyclable products on the planet, and more work is being done to make plastic fully sustainable.
  • Design opportunities – When deciding to use plastic products, companies have absolute freedom to choose the design aspects. If there are any unique designs you require, a great plastic manufacturer can facilitate your desires. With plastic, there is no need to compromise on your product. 


Using plastic for industrial products 

Plastic is the best choice for industrial products; besides saving the company money, it has the qualities required to thrive in an industrial environment (as seen above). When something is used day in, and day out, it is vital to have something that lasts. For example, when machines operate twenty-four hours daily, you may frequently need to use coolant or any other product regularly. Plastic is the only material guaranteed to survive years of labour, showing little to no sign of wear. 

When operating a business, buying raw materials or any regularly used product in bulk is wise. This can be tricky as bulk means big, and those products are not easily transported around an industrial environment. There is no better material than plastic for decanting essential products so they are easily dispersed around the workplace. 

When manufacturing any product and shipping it to customers, the worry on anyone’s mind is safe delivery. It is much safer to use plastic packaging with specific products to ensure your product arrives in one piece. Often, you can arrange with a customer to send the plastic packaging back for you to reuse it, saving even more money. 

In short, you can always rely on the durability of plastic bottles for industrial use as well as any other suitable plastic receptacles. 

Using plastic for chemical products 

Plastic can be made to be resilient to pretty much anything. As a result, it is widely used to store and transport chemicals that may otherwise be difficult to contain. On top of its other incredible qualities, polymer plastics can withstand extreme heat and are corrosion-resistant. Unlike most products, they do not react with water and air, meaning they can be stored for long periods without any adverse side effects. Most plastics are also resistant to chemicals and other substances. The chemical resistance of plastic bottles has been revolutionary, meaning companies can securely store most items or byproducts they produce. Here is a list of some common chemicals that can be stored safely in plastic containers and bottles. 

  • Alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide 
  • Gasoline 
  • Acids 
  • Soaps 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Resins 
  • Adhesives 

Would you like to find out more?

In conclusion, plastic is often the best material for chemical and industrial products. When operating a business in the industry sector, it can be easy to overlook the finite details, such as the correct material to use to decant hydrogen peroxide or the temperature of a storage area. 

At Plas-Pak, we aim to deliver the best quality products for your business and provide you with essential information to ensure your industry thrives. So, if you are looking for customisable plastic bottles for specialised chemical storage, but aren’t entirely sure what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid and get in touch. Even if you would like to know a little more about the durability of plastic bottles for industrial use, our expert team is here to answer any queries you have. Plas-Pak is one of the leading plastic bottle manufacturers in Australia, so get in touch today.