Current Plastic Innovations

It is hard to imagine that the first plastics were created less than two hundred years ago. Since this time, plastic has spread to assist all different industries worldwide, which has improved and sustained many businesses whilst also helping create opportunities for everyday life. The subsequent rapid growth within plastics production and plastic manufacturers in Australia is extraordinary, as it continues to surpass most other man-made materials.

Historic innovations within the construction of plastic materials have helped to allow medicines to be stored safely and fresh produce the ability to be able to survive for a much longer time on shelves. Yet the advancement with plastics does not end there. Chemists and polymer scientists all over the world are still developing different forms of plastics while also finding new ways to improve existing plastics. All while also becoming more efficient in the total production of the material and working to reduce their environmental impact. Plastics have outgrown most man-made materials and for a long time have been under environmental scrutiny. Yet in recent years there has been a large shift towards the creation of more environmentally friendly plastic materials. In this following article, we will be covering a few of the most recent innovations in plastics.


One exciting part of polymer research that has not been receiving enough attention as of recently is the field of photovoltaic polymers. The result of this research is the creation of plastics that are able to act as the function of solar panels, by extracting energy from the sun and transforming it into functional electricity. These polymers are an exciting part of research as they work to reduce the dependence on rare earth metals and expensive components that are currently used in solar cells. As a result, this greatly reduces their total weight and cost in the years to come.


Plastic pollution is no longer just a topic of discussion for environmental experts, but for every person globally as well. One of the biggest causes for this problem is that so many typically produced plastics used for single use packaging products are created from petroleum feedstocks, meaning they are unable to be broken down by biological systems. 

One of the very first plastics; Parkesine, was composed of cellulose, a polymer of glucose that forms the cell walls in plant cells. Cellulose-based polymers have been making a comeback within recent years as they carry a plethora of bacteria and microorganisms which can digest this material, therefore lowering the amount of accumulated waste in the biosphere.


Photo reversible polymerisation is a field of polymer research that appears at creating polymers in a completely recyclable way. The process for creating plastic relies on using molecules that bind together under one type of wavelength of light to make an object. The process is reversible as another wavelength of light causes the bonds between the molecules to break and return to their original form. While this research is still in its early stages, the implications of it reaching a successful and distributable process is a type of plastic that is theoretically completely recyclable.


Plas-Pak is a proudly Western Australian owned premium plastic manufacturer located in Malaga, Perth. We are proudly a Certified Production Facility and have been in operation since our humble beginnings in 1982. Here at Plas-Pak, we provide a standard range of plastic packaging, as well as custom-made plastic products to clients across Australia and New Zealand. Our manufacturing plant and warehouse facility cover 4,500 square metres, where we work to create a range of over 500 products.

We are fully Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified, working to help mitigate hazards that may be associated with food processing. Plas-Pak (WA) first received its HACCP certification in January 2016 through Food Safety Plus. This certification provides our customers in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries the assurance that all their products are manufactured under strict regulations within a clean environment.

Our team works hard to solely focus on creating only fully recyclable packaging that meets the design standards for recyclability. It is our aim to increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter while continuing to research different ways to help reduce waste and scrap. Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, agriculture, automotive, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical. Plas-Pak is able to remain a top manufacturer for our clients through our strong customer focus, specialising in assisting them throughout the whole buyer’s journey. This includes everything, from the very start of a concept and design to manufacturing and delivery. 

Product conformance checks are completed at all steps of the manufacturing process, by our trained quality control personnel. This includes, before the initial signing off on production runs and hourly during the manufacturing process. We aim to continuously incorporate the latest technologies available and exceed industry standards for our products. We also continue to invest in new machinery to cater to the constant growth within our company.

With our combination of experience, use of state of the art technology and contribution to help to preserve the environment is why so many industries choose to work with us. Call Plas-Pak today on **** or visit our website to view our products or get in touch via the contact form provided. Work with us to help protect the environment while using our premium quality, guilt free plastic.